Ms. Cochran Loves Teaching!

Students posing on lion statue at the zoo

Ms. Cochran:  Students in 1st through fourth grade have been placed in ability groups based on their skill levels for reading and math. There are three groups and three elementary teachers in which students rotate to each teacher classroom for reading and math where they are working on a different skill set. In my classroom students are working on phonemic awareness/vocabulary and fact fluency. Students are using a variety of strategies such as explicit instruction, small groups, partner work and the use of manipulatives to get a better grasp of the skills. Most students are working hard to make progress in these skills. I have noticed some students have made growth in fluently adding with 10, and will be moving to the next skill adding within 20. Some students that are working on adding within 100 have made growth and will be moving to adding within 1000. I am excited to continue to see more growth!