Ms. Stang Rocks Summer School!

Students standing against the fence at the zoo

Ms. Stang: We are off to a great start this summer! In order to better serve the abilities of each child we have split the first through fourth students into three groups according to their skill level. The students rotate to each of the three teachers throughout the two hour academic time frame. In the first hour we focus on math skills and the second hour is a focus in ELA skills. For my math rotation, the students are learning time and money. The students enjoy the hands-on learning that clocks, bills, and coins offer. The students thrive when they get the opportunity to teach each other what they know. My focus during the ELA hour is phonics and fluency. The phonics dance is an interactive dance and song combination that the younger students can’t get out of their heads! The older group has done an outstanding job of coming out of their shell to read with expression during the reader’s theatre. I have seen so much growth in just three short weeks not only with their academics, but in their attitude toward learning and their confidence as well! I can’t wait to see what the next weeks have to offer!