Ms. L. Thomas

Middle School Lead Academic

(937)223-8130 x 110

Courses Taught:

Social Studies

World Geography Western Hemisphere- 5th Grade (North and South America)

World Geography Eastern Hemisphere - 6th Grade (Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia)

World History - 7th Grade  (750 B.C. - 1600 A.D.)

American History - 8th Grade (1492- 1877)

Ms. L. Thomas

B.A. - English for Technical and Professional Writing

M.A. - Leadership, Pubic Policy and Social Issues

Social Studies Terms to Know

Teaching Experience

- KAKE Educational Institute (Okayama, Japan)

-SIG- Summer Institute for the Gifted and Talented (Chicago, IL)

-General Chappie James Leadership Academy (Dayton, OH)

-City Day Community School(Dayton, OH)


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